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A 10-month-old baby has a necrosis toe and almost muss remove it due to mother’s nervousness
February 14 2019, 9:45 AM
After cutting his toe's nails, mmother suddenly finds out that his toes swollen and he has a high fever.

Infant’s toenails are very small, parents should be careful when cutting their toe’s nails.

In the case of a 10-month-old infant below, the mother, who is afraid of long toenails, will injure him so he trims his toenails.

The father immediately took the child to the hospital for examination. Pediatrician Luu Thanh Chi diagnoses: The patient is leukopenia and needs blood transfusion immediately.

Dr. Luu Thanh Chi concluded: The mother, who carelessly pruned her toenails, injured her, and the wound did not handle well and was infected.

The doctor added: The case of the child is a blood vessel and a subcutaneous combination of inflammation. Her big toe is swollen and has signs of necrosis.

Surgical removal of pus is required, removal of the necrotic skin to avoid a serious situation of removing the big toe.

At the same time, he also reminded his parents to avoid cutting into the skin of the child when pruning the fingernails, because this may cause inflammation of the subcutaneous combination.

When the child’s toes are infected with bacteria and pus, the doctor will let the child use antibiotics if the antibiotics are not effective, then surgery must be performed to remove the pus.

Do parents necessarily need to trim their baby’s nails?

Dr. Luu Thanh Chi said: When a child is not old enough, the best parents should not prune their nails.

Because the child’s toenails are very soft and vulnerable if being manipulated by parents who are not careful.

Parents should choose the best time when the child is sleeping to prevent the child from struggling and getting injured when trimming the fingernails.

He also recommends that you do not use adult nail clippers for children.

It is best to buy a finger clippers for children. When nail clippers require force control, parents should not cut too short to avoid cutting into the skin of the child.


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