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Bringing basket on the back, a little dog goes shopping with owner by his own legs
January 30 2019, 3:36 PM
This dog is in fashionable dress and wears a basket on his back that make people excited.

After being posted on the social network, these photos immediately attract people because of loveliness of this little dog. In these photos, it can be seen that he is so happy that he runs arround the supermarkt to go shopping with his owner.

Also on his back, it includes a small beautiful basket. Any one when seeing this dog, they will find this dog extremely cute. The video was filmed on January 7 in Long Thanh, Dong Nai. The filmer said: “When I was traveling, I saw this dog shopping with his owner. On his back was a pretty small basket. What a lovely look.”

In these photos, the dog is wearing a beautiful dress. He walked with his legs by himself quickly and skillfully. The animal was amused when walking around the stalls. Whenever the woman called “Come over here,” she ran back and took the package into her bag. This scene attracted the attention of many people around.


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