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Catch the fish carved with strange names on the body, fishermen immediately alerted the police after he knew the reason
January 26 2019, 10:27 AM
It turned out that the letters contained such terrible things.

According to reliable information, a female dolphin was found on a beach in Almeria, the southeastern of Spain. The worst thing is that the back and abdomen of the dolphins was carved into the meat. These scars are spelled in Spanish as “Juan”.

On the body of the dolphin was carved the name “Juan”. It is known that the dolphin is 1.6 meters long and it’s wounded the whole body.The name “Juan” is engraved on top. An investigator at Eva Maria Moron said the dolphins had other injuries outside of cuts on both sides of the body. “The wound on the fish’s body is human and it has been brought to shore by the waves.”

Maria Media shared, “When we saw the name carved on fish and other wounds, we were very angry.” “For Juan, this inscription, we just want to say, we will catch him. “This action is considered cruel and based on this name the man will be found and arrested by police.

Although the reason is unknown, carving name on the fish caused the Spanish local people indignant.

Source: Toutiao


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