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Catching giant fish, fearful of bizarre creature in its mouth
February 14 2019, 9:31 AM
An England fisherman has just caught a giant fish (lingcod) with a horror creature inside his mouth.

After opening the giant fish, the fisherman saw an intact octopus, according to The Sun.

The fisherman named Matt Mertz caught the fish off the coast of Santa Cruz, California, USA. The grouper is about 70 cm in length and it was the first fish that Matthew caught.

Being shocked at the situation, Matthew took a picture and took the dead octopus out of the fish’s mouth. Finally, he used octopus as bait.

The 24-year-old fisherman said, ‘This fish probably just ate octopus before we caught it because the octopus was almost intact in the fish mouth. ‘At first, I thought it was still alive. People are even more excited when they see an octopus in fish mouths – it’s like a good omen for tomorrow. ‘

Grouper is a greedy predator, eating almost everything in their mouths. The likes of this fish are small octopuses and they also eat sea perches.

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