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Despite being 6 months pregnant, ‘the most gorgeous beauty’ in the Philippines is still seductive and attractive
February 04 2019, 8:07 AM
Marian Rivera caused the audience to burst into excitement when she appeared on stage. '

Recently, appearing at the Sunday Pinasaya Awards ceremony on January 28, Marian Rivera wowed the audience as she stepped onto the stage to perform with the dancers. Although the belly of the 6th month was quite large, Marian Rivera still moved very quickly, gracefully, causing the auditorium to burst with excitement. Marian received applause from the audience. Mr. Dingdong Dantes himself is the person who shared the picture of his wife on the personal page.

Actor Dingdong Dantes expressed his admiration for his wife’s wonderful performances. In an interview with the press, Dingdong Dantes also revealed that marriage made him more perfect, and the appearance of his children made his life more complete. The actor expressed sympathy for his wife’s difficulties in pregnancy, and revealed: ‘Time is the most valuable thing you can give your family, your wife, your children. Being pregnant is a difficult journey, I felt that when Marian was pregnant with Letizia, and now the second baby.

Currently, both Maria Rivera and Dingdong are ‘headache’ to think of a suitable name for the son who is about to be born. Although she was close to the day in a labour, the pregnant woman was still passionate about her work and appeared regularly in public.

Having spent many years in the entertainment industry, Marian Rivera has never made fans disappointed with her talent and beauty. At any age, the ‘mermaid’ once loved by the audience and conferred a series of titles such as ‘The most beautiful woman in the Philippines’, ‘The most sexy beauty of the Philippines’, the most glamorous actress of Asia 2015, ‘The most beautiful pregnant woman in the Philippines’, …

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