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Discovering two pythons that are mating, the villagers took the couple to celebrate, separated the female size was bigger the female
February 07 2019, 1:32 AM
People discovered a giant python when it was mating.

This incident took place on the island of Borneo in Malaysia on February 10 afternoon. It is known that when two people were walking through the forest to hunt, two people found strange noises in a tree lying on the ground.

They immediately used a saw to cut the trunk and discovered a giant python, measuring over 6m in length and they are mating. Mr. Tinsung Ujang, 60, who discovered the python, said: “I was surprised because I had never seen python mating with each other.

The size of the male is much smaller than the female python. We try to approach, but they are ‘locked’ together. ”He also said, the villagers of Bintulu town near the Kelawit River will eat the python meat in the following days. Because the meat of this species is said to be “pure food in a remote country”.

People shot the python and used it to make dinner.

The python was discovered while being engrossed in doing “that”. Mr. Tinsung Ujang added, now two pythons are being “displayed” on a car so that all villagers can see them.

People are very happy to catch this giant python.

The villagers intend to grill this giant python meat.

Dieu Linh

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