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Finding a turtle shell, the farmer picked it up to see, suddenly a snake’s head sticking out, his father saw that shouted, “Put it down if don’t want to be under threat”
January 28 2019, 10:13 AM
Seeing a snake's head sticking out from the shell of the turtle, the farmer panicked and called on people.

Recently, a farmer went to forest to look for mushrooms and hunt some small animals to improve the family’s meal. One day as usual, the man went alone to remote forest. As he passed a small river, he accidentally saw a strange object on the river bank. Being curious, he went to approach it. It turned out to be a tortoise shell but it’s a very strange turtle. Ordinary turtles have short tail, but when he picked up the turtle’s head popped out, he threw the shell to the ground immediately. This turtle is too strange: both head and tail are long like a snake!

Although he was scared, he decided to put the turtle in the bag and take it home and asked his father, who has many years of experience going to the forest to see what animal it was.

After returning home, the man placed the turtle in the basin while waiting for his father. In the evening, his father came back saw things in the pots, he panicked jumping into the house. Seeing that his son was watching TV, his father hurriedly asked about the snake in the turtle shell. After hearing the, he hurriedly asked him to release it immediately.

It turns out that this snakehead turtle is a kind of ancient turtle, having a long neck, strong long limbs to hunt, and when it is attacked, it also gives off a bad smell to threaten enemy so it is call foul turtle. Currently, because of being hunted too much, snakehead turtles are in danger of extinction.

Luckly, the man listened to his father’s advice, he brought the turtle back to forest. If local authority know he kept a ancient turtle in house, he will be go to prison for hunting rare animal.

Source: Ezivivi

Lan Le

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