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Funny pictures: The types of people you will meet when you go to see a horror movie
January 21 2019, 4:01 PM
Extremely eager to see horror movies, or film developments are in the climax, you can still be 'depressed' when sitting next to or sitting near these kinds of viewers.

Many people like to go to the cinema because they like to enjoy themselves in the lively moments of the cinema with the big screen and special sound system.

Especially horror movies, when sitting in a cinema, people can hear footsteps near their ears, feel the hair-crunching sensation or startle when something scary suddenly appears.

However, the feeling of being eager to experience every moment of the movie can be collapsed by the trivial things, which most come from the viewers.

Let’s see a bunch of funny photos below to know these types of people.

Designer: Luong Hoang

Kim Ngan Do

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