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Photographer captures a rare moment when seeing mother monkey crying for losing her baby; 2 minutes later she discovers a miracle 
January 27 2019, 9:45 AM
Maternal love is an extremely sacred affection. This exists not only between human but also in animals.

Recently, 31-year-old photographer, Avinash Lodhi, captured an emotional moment about the maternal love of animals. In the photo, a mother monkey is hugging the baby monkey that seems to leave its life and directing her face on the sky and painfully screaming.

Lodhi said, he did not know what happened then, but it seems that baby monkey lost its life. Therefore, its mother then hugged the little monkey in her hands and her face revealed her pain on the face. “Things came as a surprise. I completely didn’t understand what happened. And I was silent for an hour after I took the picture.”

The good news is that 2 minutes later, the baby monkey suddenly revived and quickly recovered its health.

Finally, the photographer still decided to share the photo with the online community: “The photo has deeply touched me, I have never witnessed a similar scene during my years of photography. Such moments in animals are extremely rare. ”

It is  true that animals also have a thing called a “love” like us. They also know how to feel joy and sadness. Therefore, every life is truly precious and worthy of respect.

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Vu Tam

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