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Shivering at the photos of “oceanic monsters”, people don’t believe they are real at the first sight
February 04 2019, 8:04 AM
A Russian fisherman named Roman Fedortsov has released a horror photo shoot of mysterious monsters in the ocean. Perhaps at first glance, you will not think that they exist on this Earth.

Roman Fedortsov, from Russia, once shocked the world when releasing the photo shoot of “oceanic monsters” in 2016. This album included extremely vivid, realistic and equally shocking photos of creatures like ‘monsters’ at the bottom of the ocean.

Recently, however, he posted another set of photos to prove his point that ‘people only know 5% of the ocean’. Make sure that when we see these strange creatures that look out of this horror, none of us think they really exist.

This is an Angler fish, the tap on its forehead can glow to attract prey.

A fish that looks quite similar to a mutated gene.

This long-tail pufferfish will spray venom if it is disturbed.

This crab species is too mysterious that even Fedortsov has not known its identity yet.

Bearded sea devil – an extremely rare species that only lives at depths from 500 to 1,000 meters below the sea.

Wolf fish often lives at a depth of about 200 to 1,000m. They own two long front teeth to easily bite their prey.

This is a shark with a very scary tooth.

This protruding-eyed fish is still a mystery to humans.

This is Pacu fish, one of their special features is the ‘exactly’ human teeth.

‘An unknown monster’.

A mysterious fish. How scary it looks …

This is a dangerous monster. It is the Cookie Cutter shark, which is only 40-60cm long but extremely aggressive. They can bite other bigger fishes such as dolphins, whales, etc. to death.

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