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Supermarket staff reveals 5 extremely unsanitary kinds of food which they did not dare to eat, but customers keep buying
February 01 2019, 8:55 AM
Up to 90% of people who never buy food at the market but often go to the supermarket because they think food in supermarket is safer and fresher.

Are foods in supermarket really safe when there have been many dirty food cases that have been smuggled into supermarkets in recent years?

To know the truth, you can refer to the following to know 5 ‘super dirty’ foods, even if there is a discount, do not be foolish and waste money to harm your own body.

1. Availably peeled fruit

The ready-made fruit boxes are very eye-catching in the supermarket. They look so fresh, but no one can make sure that they have been washed carefully before peeling.

Not to mention, fruits which are peeled for a long time can cause inherent nutrients and vitamins’ lost. High humidity causes water to penetrate deeply into the fruit, producing bacteria that are harmful to health.

2. Frozen seafood

No one knows how long the seafood has been stored in the supermarket. Whether they are 6 months or 1 year, they still look quite fresh, there are no signs of dullness or rotten due to the previous chemical soaking.

A quarantine department once discovered large amounts of pesticides in frozen seafood in a supermarket. Therefore, never buy them in the supermarket, but choose places that are reputable, sell fresh seafood.

3. Ground meat

Do not think that the ground meat in the supermarket is completely clean. Have you ever asked yourself questions such as: Has the meat been cleaned before processing? When was the meat ground? How long will the grinder be cleaned once?

In fact, the amount of ground meat is composed mainly of fat, which is grinded from pieces of meat in every part of the pig. And of course, no one knew if it was fresh or old meat from the previous day.

4. Prepackaged meat

In supermarkets, meat is often cut into pieces according to different weights and packaged quite eye-catching. But what about the truth behind?

In Vietnam, there was a customer who used to buy prepackaged canned meat with up to 2 wrap films with 2 different production days. So which is the right production date?

5. Bread

The bread in the supermarket is usually made from bleached powders with chemicals like benzoyl peroxide …

In addition, in this cake flour is also mixed with substances that enhance flavor, surface activity … That is also the reason why bread is sold at a very cheap price. If you eat them for a long time, it will adversely affect your intestines.

Kim Ngan Do

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