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Taboos when eating eels, be careful or you will turn a delicious food into a poison
January 28 2019, 2:56 PM
Compared to other seafood, eel is a food with the highest nutritional value. However, there are mistakes when eating eels accidentally turning this nutritious food into a 'poison' harmful to human health.

Nutritional value is more than a panacea, is called ‘underwater ginseng’

In Oriental medicine, eel is considered a kind of medicinal spirit, one of ‘four great galaxies’ (four delicious dishes underwater), beneficial for human health. Accordingly, the eel meat is temperate and tonic. Main effects are damaged damage, low eradication zone, tendon strength. People often use eels to process all kinds of ‘functional foods’, to support treatment of many diseases such as anorexia in children, malnutrition, weakened blood gas due to severe illness, postpartum, treatment of liver disease, heat, detox, neurological, good for the brain, etc.

According to the Food Ingredients Table of the National Institute of Nutrition, every 100 grams of eel has 18,7g of protein; 0.9g fat; 150mg Phosphorus; 39mg Calcium; 1.6mg Iron; Vitamin A, D vitamins B1, B2, B6, and PP, etc.

Because of the above effects, in Japan, people have likened eels as ‘underwater ginseng’ by its nourishment. And this food item is also classified as the most expensive, the most luxurious of Japan.

Remember these 4 rules to prevent this panacea from being turned into poison

Do not eat eel with cold-natured food 

According to nutrition experts, cold-natured foods such as snails, clams, oysters, seafood, watermelon, cucumbers, pineapples … need to absolutely avoid with eel. Because this combination can make you very susceptible to food poisoning.

Should not eat eels that are dead or stale

For many housewives, due to the psychology of being cheap but often consider stale eel is like a live eel. They said that the eels died or were not only fresh like the live eel and still completely nutritious.

However, nutritionists have shown that, in eels, Histidine is very good for the body, but when the eel dies, this nutritious compound can turn into Histamine – a poison that is not good for the body.

If the amount of Histamine poison enters the body in small quantities, the body can still resist and not be affected by its devastating power. But if this amount of toxin is accumulated and enters the body in high levels or the body has weak resistance (children, sick people, etc.) the risk of poisoning will be very high.

Do not eat uncooked eel 

There are countless ways to process eels, but experts recommend that no matter how you prepare it, you should eat eels when they are well cooked. Because this animal contains many types of parasites that can live very hard and withstand high heat. If processed them summarily, these larvae will survive and penetrate into the human body causing dangerous diseases.

According to nutrition experts, because the habitat is often mud pond, muddy water, turbid water … along with that of omnivorous behavior, the digestive system and the skin surface of the eel can infect a lot of germs, bacteria, and parasites.

Do not eat eel when you have gout 

The eel has a very high protein content, so for gout patients, doctors often recommend eating eels. Because the amount of protein contained in this food will increase uric acid in the blood, making the condition worse.

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