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Thai mother panicked when she saw the face of her 3-year-old daughter full of sores, the culprit is right in the house!
January 30 2019, 4:13 PM
Cats are common animals raised in families. But few know this cute animal is capable of infecting people, especially children and pregnant women.

Recently, an unnamed mother in Thailand posted pictures of her child infected with fungi from pet cats on social network, to warn mothers of young children to be careful when letting children play with their pets, Because your baby can get sick from cats at any time.

She shared: “As a cat lover, my family has two cats to satisfy our hobby and to help chase mice. Luckily, my baby was only 3 years old but also inherited the parent’s tradition of loving cats. She considers cats like her best friends, always hugging and even sleeping with cats. But recently, the baby suddenly got red blisters, like a rash that made her uncomfortable and itchy all over the body.

Taking her to the hospital, doctors said she was infected with cat’s fungi, causing her body to have tiny red rashes. It should have been normal, but because the adults did not notice it, the baby scratched leading to break the vesicles, then spread to the whole body (like the image). Well, to ensure the safety of children, moms don’t raise cats like me.”

Not only in Thailand, but also in Vietnam, there are many cases get diseases from pets. Typically in August this year, there was a case of pediatric patients (2 years old), hospitalized in the Department of Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital in the condition of being infected with peritonitis from cats and leading to infection, poisoning, perforation of the end of the ileum and chronic cecum. This case triggered a warning bell for families who have a habit of raising cats and dogs in the house. It is known that the underlying cause is due to the infection of the nematode larvae, but it is found late, leading to a critical condition for the patient.

Signs of children and pets infected with cat fungus

– The disease occurs when children play with animals that have been infected with fungi. Therefore, moms need to observe animals daily, when they have symptoms such as the appearance of dead cells, causing dandruff, weak hair, hair loss in circles, … separate them so far away from your child.

– In addition, to ensure safety for children, parents should pay attention to changes of children, if they appear signs such as swollen lymph nodes, fever, eye pain, meningitis, … should take children Visit the nearest medical facility for an examination.

Kim Ngan Do

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